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Дмитрий Львович Быков, писатель
"Хоть он и не сам ведет ЖЖ, но ведь кому-то поручил им заниматься?" (c)
3rd-Jan-2019 02:39 pm
Elizabeth Roberts @erser ("Twitter", 31.12.2018):

@SashaDugdale is it true that you are translating Dmitry Bykov’s ‘June’? I do hope so. I read Tony Cash’s review of ‘June’ in the New Year 2019 East-West and have a query: is the character Boris Gordon Jewish? I met Bykov in GB-USSR Ass days when married to JCQR.

Sasha Dugdale (05.01.2019):
I am sorry I didn't see this tweet. I am not translating Bykov, sadly. I hope someone is!
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