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Дмитрий Львович Быков, писатель
"Хоть он и не сам ведет ЖЖ, но ведь кому-то поручил им заниматься?" (c)
Анонс двух встреч с Дмитрием Быковым // Los Angeles, UCLA, 22 января 2019 года 
22nd-Jan-2019 09:41 pm

Dmitry Bykov will make two classroom appearances at UCLA next Tuesday, January 22nd. All SEEELC students are invited to attend. Limited seating available! Please RSVP to Professors Igor Pilshchikov and/or Professor Elena Severina!

1. Russian 90A (Tuesday, January 22, 12:30-1:45, Royce 190)
Lecture topic: Russia Now and Then (* see description below)
Professor Igor Pilshchikov pilshchikov@ucla.edu

2. Russian 100B (Tuesday 2-3:15; Kaplan 305)
Topic: discussion of Dmitry Bykov’s short story “Mozharovo”
Professor Yelena Severina yelenaseverina@gmail.com


In light of current political events, when the Russian Federation is often mentioned in news reports within the contest of the Trump-Russia investigation, students at UCLA often raise questions relating to contemporary Russia. The majority of these questions concern developments inside the country (which usually do not get a sufficient news coverage). To explain the roots of Russian autocratic tendencies, we invited Dmitry Bykov, a leading Russian public intellectual, to comment on the peculiarities of Russian civilization through the prism of its history and to answer questions that students might have about the way Russian history and Civilisation before 1917 play out in the present.

из донесений разведки: Открытые лекции. Ну, полуоткрытые🤔 При желании можно сделать вид, что ты студент — у них тут никто не проверяет.
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